Sponsorship - Energy & Biosciences Institute

Sponsoring a Clean Energy Future

When you sponsor research at the Energy & Biosciences Institute (EBI), you not only greatly expand your company’s research capabilities across a diversity of disciplines, you also become a member of a diverse organization dedicated to the pursuit of a clean energy future.

The EBI is a multidisciplinary academic partnership including the University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. We operate as one institute, but also provide access to our sister campuses and beyond. If the need arises, we can also establish subcontracts with other institutions.

In 2007, the Energy & Biosciences Institute emerged as one of the largest public/private partnerships in the world, with $500 million in research funding from the energy company BP. The EBI restructured in 2016 and expanded to a model that includes multiple sponsors with wide-ranging interests in advanced and alternative energies, biomaterials, green chemistry, and industrial biotechnology.

Sponsors have independent, customizable firewalled research portfolios within the institute while retaining the option for collaboration across firewalled boundaries with sister sponsors to reduce development costs in fundamental research topics.

Sponsors gain access not only to facilities, but also to thousands of successful researchers experienced in pursuing cutting-edge solutions and bringing them to market. EBI leadership provides consultation to sponsors to first establish goals and a framework. And when you are ready to commit, the administrative team provides step-by-step assistance to guide your organization through the funding process, manage project reporting, and monitor success through annual reviews and collation of written reports.

Facilities, partners, and capabilities span the energy sector and beyond:

  • 250 Research Centers across Partner Institutes
    • Bioengineering and -Omics
    • Chemistry
    • Data Science
    • Energy
    • Geology and Seismology
    • Imaging and Spectroscopy
    • Material Science
    • Sustainability
    • Machine Shop and Prototyping
    • Pilot & Demonstration Facilities
  • Integration
    • Provide an overview of the EBI research program portfolio
    • Manage individual projects to achieve larger “cradle to grave” goals
    • Recruit and educate investigators on sponsors’ needs
    • Facilitate retreats, targeted workshops, working group meetings, and individual company interactions
    • Identify opportunities for synergies and cost-sharing across an existing sponsor network
    • Cultivate educational and entrepreneurial stewardship programs that identify and encourage aspiring scientists and science driven start-up companies
  • Experience
    • 13 years of experience working with energy sector corporate leaders
    • Dedicated administrative support to maintain program integrity, efficiency, and optimization
  • Quality
    • Top-tier scientific capabilities
    • Exceptional, well-equipped facilities
    • Knowledgeable, experienced staff familiar with new inventions and the intricacies of patent filings

Together, we contribute new knowledge and products for an ever-expanding energy sector and support global efforts to ensure a brighter and renewable energy-paramount future. By becoming a sponsor, your organization has the opportunity to make a difference by charting the path to sustainable energy future through collaborative science, research, and technology development.

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Shelley Brozenick, EBI Program Manager, at sbrozenick@berkeley.edu.


Your generous contribution supports our mission and will enable us to expand our research and community outreach beyond that supported by our sponsors.