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EBI Education Outreach

The EBI recognizes that the success of our mission—to conduct research toward a clean energy future—requires the inspiration, knowledge, intelligence, and curiosity of its participants. We are confident that the goal can be accomplished given an exceptional faculty, staff, researchers, and partners who are prepared and motivated to conduct complex, interdisciplinary energy research.

Therefore, we have established an educational plan to support the success of present and future researchers—from primary grades through graduate school and beyond. The EBI is currently developing several initiatives that will comprise our educational program. To spark an early interest in STEM education, we are planning to cultivate partnerships in coordination with off-campus groups to create a viable outreach platform for K-12 education, including workshops and publication of grade-appropriate literature.

On an undergraduate level, we will help to prepare generations of diverse energy science leaders by engaging undergraduates in field-oriented learning, mentorship, internships, and professional training. Our vision is to target undergraduate students across energy disciplines; support certificate programs in Scientific Entrepreneurship and Energy Sciences for undergraduates, through the University of California, Berkeley; and develop a merit-based fellowship.

On a graduate level, the EBI is considering conducting a summer program in Energy Sciences for international graduate students.

On a postdoctoral level, the EBI plans to establish competitive fellowships.

To build understanding of energy sciences and its importance in the world today, we plan to engage the community at large with outreach activities such as workshops and executive training.



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