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Your generous gift to the Energy & Biosciences Institute enables us to expand programs and research that have the potential to transform our energy future while educating tomorrow’s problem solvers and leaders.

Your donation enables us to fund additional interdisciplinary energy research, spark innovation, engage the best scientists from our partner network, and create integrative educational programs that engage and enlighten. It supports our efforts to help students become the energy leaders of tomorrow, so they become capable of solving the next generation’s energy and environmental challenges. By donating today, you leave a legacy that will enable future generations to live in a cleaner, more sustainable world.

The Energy & Biosciences Institute is a partnership of three of the world’s leading research institutions and a community of award-winning scientists. Our diverse, solutions-based portfolio of projects span a wide array of scientific approaches that cut across scientific disciplines. By pursuing cutting-edge research and development in carbon neutral energy alternatives, we have the potential to reverse climate change.

We are poised to develop the next generation of batteries, energy storage systems, and sustainable fuels and chemicals, to advance the current energy matrix to meet society’s growing energy and power needs. In alignment with our core research mission, the Energy & Biosciences Institute also cultivates educational and entrepreneurial stewardship programs that identify and encourage aspiring scientists and science driven start-up companies.

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Your generous contribution supports our mission and will enable us to expand our research and community outreach beyond that supported by our sponsors.