Entrepreneurial Business Incubator (EBI2)

Shepherding innovative concepts through development and testing to bring them to market is an exciting but often challenging process. To facilitate success, the EBI developed EBI2 in 2017. Based in ~3,000 square feet of Koshland Hall on the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) campus, EBI2 offers sustainability focused start-ups well-equipped, dedicated research space in which to develop their products.

Each company is assigned dedicated benches in the incubator space (laboratory) and is charged a monthly rental fee based on the amount of space required. Participating companies also gain access to other UCB resources and benefit from frequent contact with other start-up companies forging their own solutions.

A company typically signs a one-year agreement, with the option of adding an additional year, if needed or desired. However, we also have the flexibility to provide admission to the entrepreneurs requiring only equipment access.

Why Choose Us

At EBI2, you gain unmatched access to the Berkeley research ecosystem, equipment, and expertise, and will conduct research within a top-tier university as part of an institute at the forefront of industry development.

Participating companies gain access to a variety of resources through the entrepreneurship program:

  • Lab setup assistance and equipment
  • Advice and guidance on safety compliance.
  • Equipment management and maintenance.
  • UC Berkeley library and resources access.
  • Education Program that links undergraduates with start-up companies, for a real-world learning experience.
  • Connection with industry executives, investors, and entrepreneurs.


Now accepting new tenants! Contact us.

Affiliated Start-Ups

Since opening in 2017, EBI2 has hosted a diverse selection of companies working toward sustainable, marketable products.

EBI2 Lab Manager

EBI2 is managed by Yi Liu, MS in environmental science. She oversees the daily operations of the incubator program and provides training and oversight to the lab space. Yi is an accomplished environmental scientist with years of experience in general lab and equipment management, as well as lab safety.


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